Tuesday, July 30, 2013

And then there were 3...

We have some WONDERFUL news that we are soooo excited to finally share!! Our little family is growing from 2 to 3 in February 2014!!!
There is a bun in the oven!
On June 11, 2013 at the doctors office I found out this great news! Among lots of other questions, a common one asked is, "Were you expecting it?"
Well...yes and no and here is why....
Scott and I had been talking about it and praying about it for some time, wondering when the right time was for us. After reading some good talks given from Apostles and Prophets from our church, we decided that there shouldn't be anything that was stopping us from starting our family, such as finances, school, work and whatever else. As we continued to pray, asking if this was the right time for us we decided that we needed to go off of birth control. So you'd think "alrighty dummy, mother nature is playing now, there is nothing to stop it!"
Well here is where the "unexpected" part comes into play. We didn't expect it to be SO quick. I should have, considering that is kind of the trend in my family amongst my mom and sisters. But I had talked to so many others that had been trying for so long...so I expected it to take a little bit of time. But that wasn't the case at all for us.
I went to the docotor's office for something unrelated (I thought) but a pregnancy test was done and came back positive.
Scott was not with me because he had to work and we thought this was just a normal check up. When the doctor told me, I started crying! Which is slightly embarrassing when its in front of a complete stranger. She asked if I was happy and through my tears I managed to mumble, "Yes, I'm so happy!!"
She responded, "Well thats good, cuz you are definately pregnant"
I was going to try and wait till Father's Day (because how perfect! seriously!) which was only a few days away. BUT Scott totally called me out on it before I even got home. Who knows how he knew...he just did I guess! haha
We are both so happy and excited!!
That night it was off to one of our favorite restaraunts to celebrate, El Toro Viejo. Which despite the spicy-ness has still proven intself during the first trimester of pregnancy! Which is saying much because other things have not been so lucky. I crave it every once in a while which is fine by me!  
Another common question that is asked is, "Do you want to have a boy or girl?"
Well obviously we would love and adore either, whatever the gender, you can bet your bottom dollar he/she is going to be loved beyond belief by us!!!!
But if we had a say in this, I think we are both rooting for a boy.
It seems natural in my opinion for the oldest to be a boy..to be the oldest brother, the example setter,  and the protecter! Maybe its because my oldest siblings are brothers and Scott is the oldest of his family. Its what I know.
But Scott heard this the other day that made him lean towards a girl....
The girl could be of more help with the caring for other siblings, like changing diapers and babysitting. But hey I think boys can do that too. In fact they should learn all that stuff for when they are dad's someday. My brothers changed my diapers! Scott got lucky and has NEVER changed a diaper in his life. Thats gonna change REAL soon!
I took one of those silly quizes the other day to predict the gender...
It said its a boy!
I guess we will have to wait 8 more weeks to really find out!


  1. Congrats Nan!! So what are you craving? I wanted everything to do with potatoes with all three, but with the girls I craved more sweets and with Peter all I wanted was meat and salty stuff :) So excited for you and hope you are feeling well!!

  2. Thanks!! :D I use to have the biggest sweet tooth ever and I loved eating sweets of all kinds! But now it does not appeal to me, most of the time! In fact it kind of makes me feel worse when I eat it. I crave more salty stuff, like french fries, pizza, hamburgers... All the not healthy stuff of course. But I've been eating way more fruits and veggies too cuz those are light on my stomach! But most of the time I don't crave any food at all because I feel so nauseous :( but I am hoping to be out of this stage soon. Only about a week and a half left in my first trimester. So I'm hoping the nausea leaves and I start to get more energy!!