Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Sunset on the Beach

Our last night was really memorable. After walking along the beach, taking a few fun pictures, we spent the rest of the evening just talking. We took turns asking the simple questions that sometimes you just forget or don't really think about on the daily basis. Things that you talk about in the dating stage but that are just as important to know about your spouse when you are married! We took turns asking things like, whats your favorite color, dessert, thing to do....what animal would you be, dream vacay, something you never told...and so on! To mix it up since we do know each other really well, we would guess what the other person would say before they said it. It all was a good reminder and interesting to see how we have changed over the years. It was just really fun to spent that time together in such a relaxing, amazing, and romantic setting! 

So glad I have this hottie to be my adventuring partner for eternity. Love you babe. ;)

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