Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Snowbird 2016

I meant to post this a while ago, before the year was over, but it slipped through the cracks!! I couldn't pass up posting tho. We love our trips to Snowbird and its becoming a new tradition for our little family!

Year 3 of Snowbird happened a few weeks ago. The first year we went up together, Cooger was around 7 months old and crawled for the first time! The next year, he was a little bit bigger and I was pregnant with Laikyn! This year, Laikyn is about the same age as Coog when he first went!! So many fun memories of this place.
Now, describing that compared to how long Scott has been going up sounds a little insignificant as far as 'time' is concerned. Scott has been coming up here since he was about 2 years old!! His Grandparents are the ones that own the time share. So his good memories go even farther back!!!

The days we were there, the weather was great. The sun was out and only a little jacket was required! We fit in some Octoberfest activities like hearing yodeling and eating German food. Like legit, we ordered a Snitzel. The sauerkraut was soooo tart!!! A little too much for my liking! 
We rode the tram and enjoyed that fun adventure. The boys did a little swimming. Then we ate pizza for dinner! We were so glad Scott's parents and brothers could come and spend the day with us there! Cooger was in heaven!!

 The view at the top of the Tram ride. 

 Grandpa kindly donated his belt to the "Keep Coog from running off a cliff" cause. Worked like a charm + he thought it was fun!

 "fruit ledder"

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