Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cooger's FIRST Birthday

^^We ate lots of yummy food and treats!!^^

^^talked and laughed^^

^^enjoyed the happy birthday boy!^^
and watched Coog open presents!
^^so happy to get animal magnets, yay haha!^^
^^a musical book^^
^^"Because I'm a Wild Animal" poster for his room^^
 ^^more awesome musical books!^^
 ^^that doubled as a sweet seat!^^
^^balls, balls, and more balls!^^
^^and a lego John Deere tractor for the win!^^
^^Now for some CAKE TIME!^^

^^He didn't quite know what to think about it. He definitely didn't dig in!^^
^^So we tried to help him know what to do^^
^^That just resulted in 'sharing' and cake in the face for daddy!

^^so mommy tried the 'lick your fingers' technique, but that didn't work either^^
^^The cake wasn't a hit haha^^
 ^^ The balloons were until one popped under his bum. That combined with lack of sleep was a recipe for a little melt down. But it didn't last long and he got back to his happy little self!^^

^^We ate lots of candy and made treat bags to take home^^

^^and just had a grand ol' time celebrating this stud!^^

Thank you everyone for the support, love and gifts. Coog is one lucky man to have such great family! And we're the luckiest mommy and daddy to have him. 


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