Monday, February 9, 2015

Cooger is ONE

Cooger Reid,
I can't believe how fast that year went by. You have changed and grown so much. I wish I could freeze time a little bit and just enjoy this stage you're in forever. You bring daddy and I so much happiness. You often get us laughing by all the funny things you do. Your laugh is the best sound and so contagious. The hard giggles and gut laughs usually happen when you and daddy are wresting and playing or being tickled or chased. You are always looking for excitement and are ready to play. Those big smiles or yours are quite the crowd pleaser. Whenever we are out, you get lots of compliments on how cute you are, and how much hair you have, and how happy you are! Your fan club consists of loving grandmas, grandpas, and lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins. You have a good amount of feisty and a good amount of sweet. Your cuddles, hugs, and loves are my favorite!
 Because you are always changing and growing we want to remember how you are right now so....right now you...

being held
snacking all day
mexican food
fruit-especially bananas
playing with books
eating paper
being outside
splashing in the tub
bedtime (probably cuz your tired from not taking naps)
being tickled
riding your elephant toy
twisting lids
playing with pots and pans
making big messes at dinner time
playing in the dishwasher

taking naps.
waking up from naps
playing by yourself
sitting in your high chair
being told no, or have things taken away from you
sitting through a book while momma reads

These pictures are a good example of your active, fun, lively, feisty, cute, and sweet personality.

We love you so much little Coogs. You are our everything! 

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  1. I just love all these pictures! and the way that you write! you are so talented! I am not a witty! I may just hire you to do a blog with our family! haha.. love your cute family!