Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Rainy Days Camping

A few weekends ago we went....CAMPING! SURPRISE! We've only done that like 5 times this summer (with two more trips planned for the end of August). What can I say, we all love it and it's a cheap "vacation/get away/adventure". And the mountains are good for the soul. 

We actually got two nights in the tent this time, which was nice. BUT we did get rain, and lots of it. Cooger was hardly faized and just kept playing, and standing in the rain getting soaking wet! I love that it doesn't bother him and he just keeps playing and being his happy ol' self. 

Thank goodness it didn't just rain continuously, we did get a few breaks of clear skies and sunshine!

We enjoyed some time on the lake too, but thats a post on its own!
Such a fun weekend adventure!

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  1. this is so wonderful! you are creating such wonderful memories, that generations to come will enjoy! you are such a wonderful mommy!