Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer Camping

This has been the summer of camping and we are all LOVING it! 
A few weekends ago, we went camping up American Fork Canyon with my family. I forgot my camera, which was a complete bummer because it was the most epic trip yet! Cramming into cars, a flat tire, an overheating Jeep, porta-potty road block, trip to Heber, crazy journey back home. One for the books i'm telling ya.
Well thank goodness I remembered my camera for the next trip which was with Scott's family. 
I hate missing opportunities to catch pictures cuz pictures you guys, are memories. 
This time we were up by Huntsville. Such a beautiful place!
 Some belly tickles from Grandma, one of the few things that will keep this boy still for a minute.
 After, a very un-restful night (Coog couldn't get comfy so he decided it was time to play and got a second wind in the middle of the night hah!), we had a delicious breakfast!
Aren't those snakes HUGE. It was a land-mine right behind where they are standing. Seriously so many snakes, and huge ones at that, in such a small area!! Gross. 
 Two seconds later he leaned back and almost did a back flip off the back! Thank goodness daddy caught him by his feet at the last second! Go super dad!!!
 There is an 11 year gap between these two....and they are the same height! Hah! 
 That bum. 
Those little boots. 
 That black spot up there is a hawk. While adventuring, we heard two hawks squaking (is that what its called??). It was so loud! I couldn't tell if they were playing or hunting, but I sure as heck wouldn't want to be hunted by that. The sounds were kind of scary! 

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