Thursday, June 18, 2015


We had such a fun time camping last weekend with our cousins!
The trip started out a little rough....We left a day later and were going to meet up with everyone else on the mountain. Scott has camped in this area a lot but had forgot the names of lakes and where they were so it took us about 3 hours (driving through The Uintah's) to find them! We had almost had enough and picked a different camping spot but Scott decided to drive a few minutes farther up the mountain. Low and behold, our prayers were answered, and we found them! FINALLY! After 5 hours total of driving, we were all sick of sitting down. We started setting up our stuff and Cooger got right to playing and exploring! 

Being right by the river was both fun and a little difficult. We kept a serious eye on the kiddos the whole time to make sure they were safe. 

 After tin foil dinners, smore's, camp fire smoke, and star gazing we hit the sac. We got a fairly decent nights sleep and then a very early awakening from Coogs. Because I got up with him throughout the night, Scott took him and they went exploring in the early morning for about an hour. 
They both loved that, and I loved the extra sleep! ;) 

We enjoyed a delicious potatoes, eggs, sausage, and bacon breakfast!

These two were so cute together!

Coog and Daddy had to get some tree climbing in, of course!
(dont worry, Scott was standing really close and ready to catch him)

We all needed a little break from chasing the kiddos and this was the perfect solution.

 Until five minutes later when they turned into caged animals and couldn't handle playing with their boring toys!!
 So to the creek we went! The water was FREEZING. But this little boy did not mind one bit!

 The boys made, and raced boats. 

 They made a bridge and Scott crossed it with ease.
Me, on the other hand.....well, just watch.

Then the BRAVE girls ran across the river! So fun, but so cold! Our legs were instantly numb! 

After lunch it was time to pack up. :( So sad, because that went by so fast. 
The only way to keep these two fine in the trailer while we packed everything up...was Doritos. Hence the nasty hands and faces! 

These two get along really well, but I just had to post it! haha I got that at the perfect moment! 

After catching some tad pols, it was homeward bound for us! 
We'll be up there for sure again this summer! 
It was so fun! 

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