Monday, May 4, 2015

Utah State GRADUATE!

Well it's official! I finished!
A bachelors degree in FCHD. Family, Consumer, and Human Development. 
I'm so glad I decided to walk. It was a fun, once in a lifetime experience. I got to see some great friends that I went through the program with, which was so fun! Also, the feeling of excitement and energy in the stadium so amazing! I am so glad I got to graduate from such a great school! The 3 years as a campus student were some of the best! There were so many adventures and fun along the way! But the best of all, was meeting this stud right here. 

 I literally could not have done this without this man. I was so close to being done with it all and throwing in the towel. 
A math placement exam was standing in my way of success. 
I hated math, still do, but especially then!
I had tried signing up for remedial math courses but could never find the motivation to get through them. It was so hard for me and I hardly understood what was going on. 
Finally, we both decided this needed to happen.
After a few nights of studying together, crying, and serious frustration, I finally braved it to take the math placement exam (hoping I could test right into stats 1040). Well the first time was horrible. I was seriously discouraged. 
But Scott didn't stop there. We studied again. Prayed a lot. Then I took it again. I was so afraid of what the test administrator was going to say. 
"You just need to get into stats 1040? thats it? Well you could have gone way higher in math with this score if you needed to." 
 I know Heavenly Father was helping me to pass that exam. I know it wasn't my brain alone that was solving those math problems. 
So the MPE was finally out of the way.
The next step was a semester of Stats 1040 with lots of studying, and playing the lectures over and over until I understood the concepts. 
Once that was done it was on to Research Methods and Social Statistics. 
Man alive. I can tell you, the only way I got through those classes was divine help, again! 
I am so so thankful! I never thought I would make it. But I did! Thanks to my loving, supportive, stud, rock of a husband, and a loving Heavenly Father! 

^^and great, supportive parents!^^

 ^^ and loving, supportive family too!!^^

It was a great day! I'm so thankful for all the love and support I have felt through this journey! I have the best family and friends! I love you all! 

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