Monday, July 21, 2014

July Birthday Celebration

Our family is getting a little too big to celebrate everyone's birthday individually. So every month we celebrate with one big party. This month we celebrated my mom's, my sister in law Rani's, my nephew Tucker's, and mine! We do it on a Saturday so we can do some sort of activity together. So for July we decided to celebrate at Manila Lake in Pleasant Grove with a BBQ and swimming. Sounds perfect for summer yeah? It definitely was!
Happy Birthday all you July babies!
(best month for a birthday, in my opinion ;) )

^These babies are only a few months apart!
Also, Coog is like a celebrity amongst these kiddo's^


^This little stud is turning 2. He is the cutest and we LOVE that Tucker boy!!^
 I love that the circle around whoever is opening presents gradually gets smaller...and smaller

 ^My sister Tawnette made this adorable apron! I love it and can't wait to use it!^
^Happy Birthday Rani!^
^Happy Birthday Mom!^

 ^The water was a little chilly for the kids, but they still loved it!^

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